January’s spotlight is on SoulFriends writing community. I discovered SoulFriends through my brilliant Left Margin Lit summer camp writing instructor Faith. I embarked on my first quest this fall, and my life was so enriched by the experience.

Founder Payam Salehi started SoulFriends to create spaces where people are treated like a soul friend, extending a deeper level of kindness and generosity to others. He brings together writing experts and authors, writers of all levels, and mixes in fun, support and motivation. I felt so seen during this quest, from being awarded the SoulFriend award for showing up while undergoing cancer treatment, to receiving this beautiful book (Anam Cara is Gaelic for “soul friend”), and cheering me on for my newly published work. I met beautiful new friends, during a pandemic, at home somehow. Now that is magic! SoulFriends is currently on winter break. We look forward to its return!

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